George elected to Pacific Council on International Policy

Erika_George_yptriiS.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Erika George was recently elected to the Pacific Council on International Policy.

The Pacific Council is an organization of civic leaders, big thinkers, policy wonks, and aspiring leaders with a commitment to international affairs.

We know that foreign policy extends beyond the sum of actions taken by policymakers and diplomats. More and more, global thinkers in technology, entertainment, media, business, education, health, science, and the arts serve as brokers of the U.S. relationship with the world.

The Pacific Council connects a network of people from different industries and sectors to share ideas, keep up on foreign affairs, and effect change on issues that are important at home and abroad.

We foster thoughtful, intelligent debate in the events, conferences, and delegations we convene.

We work with member experts, working groups, and task forces to develop new ideas that inform and drive global progress.