Craig Announces Three New Appointments, Participates in Katrina Panel

Robin_Craig_zbfp63In August 2015, Professor Robin Craig was appointed as Co-Chair of the Water Program for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Annual Conference, July 2016; and to the Members Consultative Group for the American Law Institute’s new Restatement of the Law: The Law of American Indians.  In addition, she was appointed for an initial two-year term (August 2015 to July 2017, renewable) to the Editorial Board of the Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal. Her first round of duties will involve helping to pick the articles for the Journal’s Annual Symposium.

Additionally, Craig was one of six panelists in the Center for Progressive Reform’s Katina +10 roundtable discussion. Conducted via Google Chat, the panel brought six scholars together for an hour-long conversation about the lessons policymakers have—and have not—learned in the years since Hurricane Katrina blew through the Gulf Coast and stretched flood-protection infrastructure past its limits.

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