Baughman publishes new book on criminal law

University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Shima Baughman has published a new textbook along with co-authors Paul H. Robinson of the University of Pennsylvania and Michael T. Cahill of Rutgers University.  Shima_Baradaran_knzv2l

The book, Criminal Law Case Studies & Controversies, 4E, according to its description from the publisher’s web site,  “eschews traditional reliance on judicial opinions in favor of an innovative and dynamic method of criminal law instruction centered on statutory interpretation and case studies. Examination of real-world problems allows first-year law students to not only develop familiarity with criminal law doctrine necessary for potential careers as prosecutors or defense attorneys, but also hone crucial skills for general lawyering. With a revised layout of statutory and discussion materials, the text is now more streamlined and accessible to students. Further, provocative case studies provide a solid background for engaging class discussion and challenge students to tackle applying doctrine in real-world situations.”