Law and Society

The Law and Society Association is an interdisciplinary scholarly organization committed to social scientific, interpretive, and historical analyses of law across multiple social contexts. For sociolegal scholars, law is not only the words of official documents. Law also can be found in the diverse understandings and practices of people interacting within domains that law governs, in the claims that people make for legal redress of injustices, and in the coercive power exercised to enforce lawful order. Sociolegal scholars also address evasions of law, resistance and defiance toward law, and alternatives to law in structuring social relations.

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The Law and Society Association (LSA) offers:

  • Annual Meetings, where legal and social science scholars share their latest research.
  • The Law & Society Review, a highly regarded academic journal.
  • Prizes and awards for scholarship in books and articles, mentoring, and service.
  • Workshops for both early career professors and graduate students.
  • Fellowships in partnership with the American Bar Foundation and the National Science Foundation.
  • Collaborative Research Networks, where scholars from around the world share research on 45 different socio-legal topics.
  • Podcasts through a partnership with Life of the Law, a website that explores the relationship of law to American society and culture, reaching into the parallel worlds of scholars and journalists.

LSA is hosted by the University of Utah and resides at the SJ Quinney College of Law.

LSA and the SJ Quinney College of Law offer a Speaker Series to faculty at the University of Utah and area campuses.  For more information, please visit

LSA also offers annual travel grants to University of Utah faculty and graduate students to attend our annual meetings.  For more information, please visit