Clean Air Competition

Welcome to the 1st Annual Winter ULaw Clean Air Competition

February 1-28, 2015

Join your classmates and colleagues during February to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips and minimize winter air pollution which increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and asthma attacks—especially in children, the elderly, and active adults. The inversion season is in full force, so now is a great time to consider your daily transportation choices. For those who already regularly ride UTA, carpool, bicycle, walk, or telecommute, be a role model and show others how your decisions save money and energy as well as reduce traffic congestion and most importantly, emissions.

Compete: February 1-28, 2015

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  • ULaw 1L Class
  • ULaw 2L Class
  • ULaw 3L Class
  • ULaw Faculty, Staff, Admin, Friend

Strategize: Drive less and drive smarter

  • Active transportation (walk or bike)
  • Carpool or vanpool
  • Ride TRAX, bus, or Front Runner
  • Telework (work from home, attend meetings via conference call)
  • Trip-chain (bundle your errands to reduce mileage, emissions, and time)

Log your Trips: Travelwise Tracker

Competition Tips

  1. Steps to enter trip data
  • Log into your account
  • Use the arrows on the calendar to move between days
  • Enter all the trips you saved, plus the accompanying miles not driven
  • To check trips you’ve entered, click on the history tab (next to log trips)
  • Click “submit” before you go to the next day
  • Log Out once you’ve submitted all your trips
  1. google_transit_mapUse the Weekly Travel Log to help you track your trips
  2. Download the free UTA App for transit options
  3. Download UtahAir (DEQ’s free app for current daily conditions), check the forecast, or sign up for clean air email alerts
  4. Use Travelwise’s Travel Strategies
  5. Check Tips for 1st Time UTA Riders
  6. Read EPA’s Health Impacts of Particulate Matter
  7. Consider SaltCycle’s 5 Tips for Winter Bike Riding
  8. Follow UCAIR’s Tips for Being Idle-free
  9. Visit for info about biking, maps, using your bike with transit, and SLC’s bike share program
  10. Use UCAIR’s 10 Tips for Creating and Keeping a Carpool Group
  11. Carpool using the TravelwiseTracker, UTA Rideshare, or Carpool World
  12. Use the transit, walk, or bike features on Google Maps to consider travel options (sample image right)

Questions? Email the Green Team: