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Wayne McCormack portrait photograph 2019.Global Justice Think Tank Spring 2015 –
Building a Theme

My students this year were interested in the difference between sovereignty and cultural identity, with special attention to the issue of “self-determination” in that context. There is a good bit of attention in the academic press about related issues and we looked at several books, most of which revolved around the demise of the state as the central governing structure of people’s lives. Much of the current world attention is on“ethno-cultural” conflict (avoiding the idea of religion for reasons to be explained later).

Before that work began, there was a project produced for Heartland Alliance, an NGO operating in Kurdish Iraq before the capture of so much territory by IS.

The papers presented here respond to the governance and sovereignty theme in different ways.

To all of those papers I have added my own introductory piece that attempted to get the students onto related tracks for their research. I hope these papers contribute to the enhancement of human dignity in the ongoing debate over how to deal with globalized governance.

Wayne McCormack