Professional Attire: Top 5 Professional Dress Mistakes, and Feedback from Real Attorneys

Are you worried about dressing professionally for events like the Career Fair, Mock Interviews, and other “real” interviews?  Read on for some tips and anonymous comments from practicing attorneys!

For the Career Fair and Mock Interviews, you will dress in the best professional attire you can—a suit (which is the general requirement for almost all real interviews), or a dress shirt and tie or blouse and skirt.  Talk to PDO if you have questions.   Please don’t assume that you need to rush out and buy several suits all at once.  You may need one suit to start, if you have interviews.  If you have a decent looking one in the closet, you probably don’t need to go out and buy a new one right away.  You can also update your suit with a newer tie, blouse, and freshly-shined shoes.  If you find you need a suit, be watching for sales and buy the best-fitting, conservative suit that you can (charcoal, grey, navy, or black—if it works on you).   Avoid fabrics that will not last.  Students report that Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic can be good places to find decent sales.   I buy stuff online, used, if I know that the brand well and know it will fit.  There you go—true confessions of a cheapskate.

So, what are the top 5 dressing mistakes to avoid?  PDO’s own thoughts on the matter, along with comments from real attorneys, are found by clicking this link: