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Can I become a member of the Pro Bono Initiative?

Yes! Memberships help support the program and connect law students with the legal services delivery system, which, in turn, helps all those involved in the system: students, agencies, attorneys, and clients. Contributions also help to ensure adequate funding for our staff, and allows further expansion of the program. Members will be recognized on Initiative letterhead and the annual report.

College of Law – Pro-Bono Initiative General Fund

Your financial gift will support the Pro Bono Initiative, our voluntary program whose primary goal is to emphasize the fundamental role of public service in the legal profession. It seeks to instill greater awareness among law students of their ethical responsibility to provide legal services to the disadvantaged.


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Membership fees are as follows: Members $200-499, Benefactor $500-999, and Grantor $1000+. We would like to thank the following individuals, firms, and Foundation for their generous contributions:

Fellowships for the Pro Bono Initiative

Peter “Rocky” Rognlie Fellowship

2016-2017:  Eric Heier
2015-2016:  Adam Saxby
2014-2015:  Adrianna Anderson
2013-2014:  Ian L. Quiel
2012-2013:  Joshua C. Irvine

Pro Bono Fellowship

2016-2017:  Liz Thomas
2016-2017:  Karma French
2015-2016:  Nubia Peña
2015-2016:  Eric Heier
2014-2015:  Tyler Needham
2013-2014:  Adrianna Anderson
2012-2013:  Shane Smith

Communistic Legal Clinic Fellowships

2016-2017:  Melissa Moeinvazir
2016-2017:  Ashley Anderson
2016-2017:  Gary Wilkenson
2015-2016:  Travis Walker
2015-2016:  Isabel Moreno