PDO Summer Schedule-We are Here (for the most part)!

PDO is open full time during the summer!  There are a few days, however, when Anneliese, Jaclyn and Chanel will not be in the office

Anneliese will be out of the office:

May 27 through June 3 for a family trip.  She will be out of the country.  Email is likely possible, but it may be delayed.  

July 6-8, to attend the Utah State Bar Convention.  You can call (801.455.3242) and email as needed.

Jaclyn will be out of the office:

June 2-3, for the annual meeting of the Northwest Consortium of law schools.  Communication will be very limited.

Chanel will be in the office during the following times:

M,T,TH-9:00-5:00; W-8:00-3:30; F-8:00-5:00

 We will keep you posted if this information changes.