PDO Geographic Survey Results

Here are some interesting results from the PDO Geographic Survey that was sent out at the beginning of the summer.  We will be utilizing these results to strengthen our efforts in targeting employers from the geographical areas in which you are focusing your job search.  These results give us a tool in order to let employers across the nation know that our students truly are interested in them.  We will also focus on contacting new mentors from these areas.  We would like to thank those of you who participated in the survey this year. 


Out of 37 survey responses:

  • 27 of you are focusing your job search in Utah or the Mountain West
  • 7 are interested in Colorado
  • 6 are interested in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, etc.)
  • 5 are interested in Washington, D.C.
  • 5 are interested in Texas
  • 4 are interested in Idaho

Other responses included: Hawaii, Wyoming, Alaska, L.A., New York, Boston, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Georgia, and International.

Practice Areas

*Breakdown is not evaluated on a 100% scale.  Responses varied and most included a variety of interests.

  • 37% are interested in Business/Tax/Antitrust/Torts/Contracts or Commercial Law
  • 24% are interested in Family/Juvenile Law
  • 22% are interested in Real Estate/ Property/ Trust & Estates
  • 14% are interested in Natural Resource/Environmental Law
  • 14% are interested in Criminal Law
  • 19% are interested in Litigation

Other responses were either less than or approximately 1% of respondents and included interests in Appellate Law, Health & Med/Malpractice, IP, Entertainment/Media/Sports Law, Government/Public Service, Bankruptcy, Immigration, International/Human Rights Law.