Next Steps for On-Campus Interviews

If you applied for jobs through OCI, this week employers are reviewing your application materials.  On Saturday morning, February 6 at 8:00 am, you will be able to login to Symplicity to see whether you were selected for any interviews.  Please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get any interviews; it is really a numbers game with many applicants (over 400 bids were made through OCI) and not many interview slots.  Continue to read your email (have you noticed all of the fellowship opportunities that Dean Dickey has been sending lately?), check Symplicity for job postings, read the Career Brief for tips, and talk to PDO about other strategies for getting legal experience.

OCI update if you applied to TraskBritt:  TraskBritt has changed their OCI status to “resume collection” because they intend to interview at their own office instead of coming to campus.  They will contact you directly if they would like to interview you.

Read on for  more information on how to schedule the interviews you receive through OCI.
1.  Interviews are awarded on a “first come, first serve” basis, so it is important to check Symplicity at 8:00 am Saturday morning to see if you are awarded interviews.  There are six employers coming to campus February 16, so we expect some conflicts that day.  The sooner you schedule your interview(s), the more likely you will get the interview time you want. 
2.  Don’t enter your class schedule into your calendar in Symplicity – this can cause problems.  Try not to miss class, but missing a partial class may be unavoidable.  If you must miss class, communicate with your professor about the reason for your absence.  Anneliese has emailed the OCI dates to the faculty, but it’s up to you to cover your missed class.
3.  Symplicity shows the available appointment times.  If you have a conflict and cannot schedule an interview, talk to Kay to see what other arrangements can be made.
4.  Although it seems needless to say, if you are selected for an interview, you must take the interview unless you have already accepted another job.  If that happens, let PDO know about your job offer.  We will see if the employer would like to fill the spot with another applicant.
5.  Prepare for your interview by researching the employer and reading the biographies of the interviewers.  We will continue to update Symplicity with the names of the interviewers as the employers give them to us.