Utah Law Faculty Scholarship

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law celebrates its faculty’s longstanding reputation for scholarly excellence. Recent articles have appeared in nationally recognized journals, including the Columbia Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, UCLA Law Review, and Georgetown Law Journal.

Our faculty’s subject matter expertise encompasses exceptional breadth and depth, covering such diverse areas of law and policy as constitutional rights, intellectual property and innovation, medical ethics and privacy, discrimination in the workplace and in public spaces, criminal procedures and impact, environmental protection and sustainability, and corporate conduct.

Please visit law.utah.edu/faculty for detailed information on our faculty.

Selected Recent Articles

Shima Baradaran Baughman
Costs of Pretrial Detention, Boston University Law Review (2017)

Teneille Brown
Understanding Validity in Empirical Legal Research: The Case for Methodological Pluralism in Assessing the Impact of Science in Court, Hastings Law Journal (2016)(with Tabery and Aspinwall)

Paul Cassell
Still Handcuffing the Cops? A Review of Fifty Years of Empirical Evidence of Miranda‘s Harmful Effects on Law Enforcement, Boston University Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Jorge Contreras
Genetic Property, Georgetown Law Journal (2016)
Pre-Competition, North Carolina Law Review (2016)(with Vertinsky)

Robin Craig
Balancing Stability and Flexibility in Adaptive Governance: The New Challenges and a Review of Tools Available, Ecology & Society (2017)(co-authored)
Designing Administration Law for Adaptive Management, Environmental Research Letters (2017)(with Brown, Ruhl, and Williams)

Lincoln Davies
Emerging Shadows in National Solar Policy? Nevada’s Net Metering Transition in Context, Electricity Journal (2017)(with Carley)

Leslie Francis
Data Re-use and the Problem of Group Identity, Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (2017)(with J.G. Francis)
Reading Alexander v. Choate Rightly: Now Is the Time, Laws (2017)(with Silvers)

Cathy Hwang
Deal Momentum, UCLA Law Review (forthcoming 2018)
Unbundled Bargains: Multi-Agreement Dealmaking in Complex Mergers & Acquisitions, University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2016)

RonNell Andersen Jones
Clarence Thomas the Questioner, Northwestern University Law Review (forthcoming 2017)(with Nielson)
The Fragility of the Free American Press, Northwestern University Law Review (forthcoming 2018)(with West)

Robert Keiter
Toward a National Conservation Network Act: Transforming Landscape Conservation on the Public Lands into Law, Harvard Environmental Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Laura Kessler
Dynamics of Discrimination, Florida State University Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Young Ran (Christine) Kim
Considering Citizenship Taxation: In Defense of FATCA, Florida Tax Review (forthcoming 2017)

Terry Kogan
Public Restrooms and the Distorting of Transgender Identity, North Carolina Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Nancy McLaughlin
Tax Deductible Conservation Easements, Virginia Tax Review (forthcoming 2017)

Christopher Peterson
Trump University and Presidential Impeachment, Oregon Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Arnold Reitze
The Control of Air Pollution on Indian Reservations, Environmental Law (2017)

Amelia Smith Rinehart
E. Bement & Sons: The Forgotten First Skirmish Between Patent Law and the Sherman Act, Syracuse Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Clifford Rosky
Anti-Gay Curriculum Laws, Columbia Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Jeff Schwartz
Should Mutual Funds Invest in Startups? A Case Study of Fidelity Magellan Fund’s Investments in Unicorns (and other Startups) and the Regulatory Implications, North Carolina Law Review (2017)

Matthew Tokson
Knowledge and Fourth Amendment Privacy, Northwestern University Law Review (2016)
Blank Slates, Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2018)