U’s FYI News Covers Anderson, Rocky Mountain Innocence Center in Current Issue

On September 29, the University of Utah’s FYI News for Faculty and Staff published an interview with Jensie Anderson, Clinical Professor of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law.  Anderson, the president and legal director of the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC) was lead attorney for Harry Miller, who spent more than three years incarcerated at the Utah State Prison for a crime he didn’t commit, before Anderson and students in the College of Law’s Innocence Clinic were able to gather enough evidence to support his alibi and eventually secure his release.

In the interview, Anderson discusses how RMIC became involved in Miller’s case, the risks of eyewitness misidentification, the purpose of RMIC’s work, and the relationship between RMIC and the U.

Read Anderson’s full FYI News interview.