University of Utah Law Faculty Available to Analyze Annapolis Summit

The S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah announced today that Professors Amos Guiora, (Lt. Col., retired) who served for 19 years in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and Chibli Mallat, a longtime peace activist and candidate for the presidency of Lebanon, are available to provide informed commentary and analysis on the upcoming Israeli-Palestinian summit, which will begin Tuesday, Nov. 27 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Guiora and Mallat will provide commentary and analysis designed to help to clarify the complex security, cultural, religious and economic issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that will be discussed at the Annapolis summit. The summit is designed to restart negotiations intended to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict including the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Guiora, who served in the IDF’s Judge Advocate General Corps, negotiated the implementation of the Oslo Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and is a widely cited expert on counterterrorism and security issues in the Middle East. His op-ed piece “Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights,” appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on November 15, 2007.
In addition, he is the author of the recently published casebook Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism (Aspen Publishers).

Mallat, a longtime peace activist and attorney in his native Lebanon, was once jailed while organizing a campaign to monitor Iraq’s elections. Considered a global leader in European and Middle Eastern law, he has published widely on a variety of international legal issues. Mallat’s output includes seven authored books, 18 edited books, dozens of articles in scholarly journals and op-eds in the major papers of the world, including as guest columnist in the New York Times and advisory editor of Lebanon’s Daily Star opinion page. His Introduction to Middle Eastern Law, published by Oxford University Press, has already been adopted among law schools in the U.S. and internationally. Mallat led the first democratic presidential campaign in the history of Lebanon, a campaign that is considered as a turning point in Middle East politics. He is a firm advocate of non-violence as the way forward for politics in the Middle East, and the active development of international criminal accountability for dictatorship practices, most recently in Pakistan.

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