Tribune Covers Professor Amos Guiora's Counter-Terrorism Simulation

On Monday, November 12, The Salt Lake Tribune covered Professor Amos Guiora’s seven-hour-long simulation of a terrorist scenario, which was designed, in Guiora’s words, to “provide students with an experiential learning opportunity and to give them a greater appreciation of the dilemmas of policy and decision markers in response to terrorist threats.”

The Tribune feature, written by veteran higher education reporter Brian Maffly, provided an overview of the terrorist scenario in which national news outlets report on a terrorist plot to “simultaneously attack the Port of New York and the Louvre in Paris within the next 24 hours.” The scenario was conducted November 2 as part of Guiora’s Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism class.

Guiora notes that each of the19 Quinney College students who participated had some prior awareness of the legal and policy issues implicated in the simulation, but learned about the roles other students were playing only through video-conferencing and mock newscasts. “As they discovered, oftentimes there is no resolution in counter-terrorism operations,” he explains.

Guiora credits Quinney College staff members Morgan Stewart and Aaron Dewald, who provided “invaluable” technical support. “They deserve huge credit,” he stresses.

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