SL Trib, Fox News Interview Rosky on Utah Tax Commission’s Decision Not to Allow Joint Filings by Same-Sex Couples

On October 10, The Salt Lake Tribune interviewed Clifford Rosky, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, for the article “Utah rejects joint tax filings by same-sex couples.”

That same day, the Utah Tax Commission issued a notice stating that “Since Utah does not recognize same-sex marriages, same-sex couples may not file a joint tax return in Utah.”

Describing the decision as “very unfair,” Rosky explained:  “To require people to go through the exercise of doing a separate fake federal return is a real burden on people in their everyday lives.”

To read the entire Tribune article, including additional quotes from Rosky, click here.

Speaking to Fox 13 News, Rosky said that the decision unfairly burdens married same-sex couples. ““Our tax system in Utah is based on federal filing, but if they can’t file jointly in Utah that means they have to make a second fake federal return as if they’re not married and then use that to calculate their Utah income taxes.”

To read the Fox 13 article, click here.