RMIC Client Harry Miller Exonerated

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC) client Harry Miller was exonerated on September 12, 2011. Miller was convicted in 2003 of an aggravated robbery at a convenience store in Salt Lake City. The robbery took place three years earlier, when Miller was in Louisiana recovering from a stroke.  He was convicted as the result of victim and witness misidentification.

Harry Miller is the second person exonerated under Utah’s non-DNA factual innocence statute. Thanks to the investigative and legal work of RMIC Board President and University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law professor Jensie Anderson and law students Matt Dodd and Mary Ann May Call, Utah state officials agreed to stipulate to Miller’s factual innocence and complete exoneration.  He will receive restitution for the four years he spent wrongly imprisoned.

To read a more detailed account of Miller’s conviction and subsequent exoneration, including the role played by RMIC, click on a Deseret Article here