Quinney College Introduces Global Initiative to New York Community

On January 3, the S.J. Quinney College of Law hosted a reception in Manhattan to introduce the College’s Global Initiative to the New York community. Attendees included Quinney College professors and staff members, many of whom who were in New York for the Association of American Law School annual meeting, as well as fellow academics, dignitaries, attorneys, alums, peers and other supporters. 

The reception was held at the Pomegranate Gallery in SoHo.  The gallery, which is owned by Iraqi-American sculptor Oded Halahmy, features works by artists of the Middle East. It was a particularly appropriate setting as Dean Hiram Chodosh addressed the crowd, describing the many projects underway at the Quinney College and particularly the Global Initiative, which he described as the College’s attempt to “do our part to improve the human condition.”

Chodosh also provided an overview of other exciting events underway at the College, including the global justice think tank, international humanitarian and environmental law projects, and the “outstanding opportunities for students to engage in experiential and interdisciplinary learning.”  

“These are exciting times,” he told the crowd. “Please stay in touch with us.”  

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