Negotiation Team Winners Advance To National Competition in Atlanta

Two negotiation teams from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law—Kaye Lynn Wooton & Daniel Peterson and Kim Herrera & Mark Thornton—recently conducted excellent negotiations at Denver University against 26 other teams from law schools in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and California.

Kaye Lynn Wootan and Daniel Peterson advanced to the final round (then standing in third place). They achieved a decisive victory by placing first in the final round and winning the opportunity to advance to the National Negotiation Competition in Atlanta next spring.

Herrera and Thornton were instrumental in this success. After receiving the problem on Friday evening, the teams and their coach worked late into the night, preparing Wooton and Peterson for the final round. Thornton found the case law the team needed and briefed them. Herrera researched the industry and briefed them on business issues in the industry.