National Center for Veterans Studies Featured in September VFW Magazine

The U’s National Center for Veterans Studies (NCVS) is featured in the September 2012 issue of VFW Magazine.

According to the article, the center’s goal is to “improve the lives of veterans through research, as well as to place vets in a better position to continue service by fostering their interests in domestic and international services.” NCVS is operated by the U’s College of Social Sciences in collaboration with the College of Law. 

In the article, College of Law Professor and NCVS board member James Holbrook elaborates that, “The goal is to take the kinds of skills and experiences someone acquired in the military, and enable them to continue to serve in a civilian capacity.”

Dean Hiram Chodosh is also quoted. “What we want to do is make sure that we’re not just mainstreaming veterans. We don’t want to say to them, ‘OK, forget that you served three years in Afghanistan, now be just like any other student.’ What they bring to the educational table is so valuable.”

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