Nancy McLaughlin Honored with Teaching Award

Nancy A. McLaughlin, professor of law, received the college’s Peter W.Billings Excellence in Teaching Award for 2006 at commencementceremonies Friday, May 12. The recipient of several other honors andawards, McLaughlin teaches federal income tax, estate planning, trustsand estates, and private land conservation. The Excellence in TeachingAward is given annually to a particularly dedicated, gifted, andenthusiastic professor who is known for inspiring his or her students.

PeterW. Billings was a partner in the Salt Lake City law firm of Fabian& Clendenin. The teaching award was endowed by his family in 1998.”These awards are a perfect tribute to Pete’s memory,” said his widow,Marjorie A. “Peg” Billings, in a 1999 statement. “Our family’s prioritywas that our sons become responsible citizens provided with thegreatest education possible, limited only by their ability to use it.It is almost impossible to get such an education without dedicated,gifted, and enthusiastic teachers and mentors. I remember mine. Thisrecognition honors those who have inspired and encouraged theirstudents. It has fulfilled its purpose.”