Lincoln Davies: Combining Law and Policy to Seek Better Environmental Solutions

As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Lincoln Davies was enrolled in an environmental studies program that offered tracks focusing either on applied science or social and behavioral science. Most students chose to focus on one area or the other. Davies, however, refused to limit himself; he was a single class away from completing both programs when he graduated.

“It was during my waning days in Ann Arbor and I decided to take [classes in] Korean culture and photography instead of organic chemistry,” he recalls. It’s been 10 years since Davies completed his undergraduate education and went on to earn a law degree at Stanford University, and his broad grounding has proved useful each step of the way. “I have both science and policy interests, which overlapped with my interest in the outdoors,” he explains. “All environmental issues are interdisciplinary by nature, so having some understanding of the science is essential.”

This fall, in his first semester as a professor at the Quinney College, Davies is teaching Civil Procedure. He will offer a lecture course in Energy Law and a seminar on Environmental Justice next spring.