Johnson speaks on "Too Big to Fail" in Sweden

Christian Johnson, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, presented a two-hour seminar to Swedish banking regulators and academics titled “‘Too Big to Fail’ Resolution Authority: Principles and Elements” at the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law at the University of Stockholm on April 4. The discussion focused on understanding the key concerns and issues with respect to placing a large complex financial institution into receivership or conservatorship. The program was of particular interest in Sweden because the Sweden banking regulators are proposing a new regulatory framework to regulate large “too big to fail” financial institutions. That same day, Johnson presented ” ‘Lender of Last Resort’: The Federal Reserve’s Role in Providing Liquidity during the Global Financial Crisis” for the American Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The presentation focused on how the Federal Reserve became literally the only source of credit to US banks during the crisis.