Healthy Environment, Strong Economy Can Co-Exist, Adler Argues in SL Trib Op-Ed

Robert Adler, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, published a Salt Lake Tribune op-ed on September 24. 

In the editorial, Adler references The Utah Foundation’s new Quality of Life index, that he describes as a “rigorously designed survey of what a representative cross-section of Utahns consider most important to their well-being.”

Adler points out that the Foundation’s findings refute “the myth that environmental quality and jobs are antithetical values. In fact, the survey shows that Utahns value both a sound economy and a healthy environment as fundamental, co-equal requirements of their quality of life.”

 And despite the current perilous economic climate, Adler notes that, “claims that we need to sacrifice our shared values of clean air and clean water to meet those challenges miss the mark. That view would force Utah into a false choice of giving up one core value to meet another.”

Adler’s entire Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, “Healthy environment, strong economy can co-exist,” is available here