Guiora Interviewed by National, Local, International Media Outlets on Syria

On Thursday, August 22, Amos Guiora, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, was interviewed on KSL Newsradio about allegations that the Syrian government had used to chemical weapons against protestors.

If the allegations prove true, Guiora said this would be “a human tragedy that is going to require the international community to intervene.” “To call it shocking is an understatement,” he said.

To listen to an audio file of the interview click here

More recently, Guiora was also interviewed on KSL’s Doug Wright Show and by ABC radio.  He also appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered program.  In addition, on September 6, he was interviewed on WABC’s John Batchelor Show, on September 10 he was interviewed on KUTV 2 News after President Obama’s address about Syria and chemical weapons, on September 11, he was interviewed by ABC 4 News., and on September 13, he was interviewed by KSL Radio.

Finally, he was also interviewed for an article titled “Israel and Obama’s Push on Syria published in the international magazine Ami.