College of Law Offers Practitioner-Oriented Boot Camp Courses for CLE

In response to interest from alumni, the College of Law has opened many of this summer’s more specialized and practitioner-oriented courses to practicing lawyers for CLE credit. These courses offer practicing attorneys an opportunity to earn one hour of CLE credit for each hour in class. A practitioner may earn 26 hours of credit (enough to meet two years’ of CLE requirements) while attending and participating in class. A grade is not given and a final exam is not required in order for practitioners to earn CLE credit.

Christian Johnson, the College’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, said, “Although the tuition charged is steeper than for the free lunch time CLE that is often available, the Intensive CLE being offered by the law school offers a rare chance to take law courses that a practitioner perhaps wished they had taken during law school from experienced and seasoned academics and practitioners.”

This summer’s intensive CLE program courses include Preparing, Examining and Cross-Examining Witnesses; Taking and Defending Depositions; Corporate Financial Transactions; and Statutory Interpretation.

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