College of Law Excels at Regional Rounds of National Moot Court Competition

On November 4 and 5, the regional rounds of the 62nd Annual National Moot Court Competition were held at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law.

Both of the College of Law’s teams excelled in the competition. The team of Kim Child, Matt Dodd, and Corey Sherwin advanced to the semifinal round. The team of Levi Cazier, Matt Kauffman, and Adam Pace made it to the final round, where they lost to a team from the University of Colorado. By virtue of their second place overall finish, Cazier, Kauffman, and Pace will participate in the final round of the competition in New York City in January.  Cazier earned an award for best oralist in the final round.

“It takes a village to host a competition,” said team coach Daniel Medwed, a professor at the College of Law. “The leader of our particular village was the amazing, tireless, efficient secretary Carolynn Westenskow, who managed to make the event appear seamless. In addition, our Moot Court Consultant, Jeff Mann, helped enormously. I would also like to thank Miriam Lovin, Kayla Smith, and the entire events team for transforming our foyer into a beautiful space full of treats.”

Medwed also thanked colleagues Bob Adler, Troy Booher, Paul Cassell, David Hill, Alex Skibine, and Linda Smith, who volunteered to serve as practice judges in the run-up to the competition; his former National Moot Court Team students Rita Cornish, Mica McKinney, Chris Stout, Jess Krannich, and Meredith Lewis Krannich, who graded the appellate briefs for the competition; local practitioners, including many College of Law alums, who served as judges; and Utah District Court Judges Tom Kay, Keith Kelly, and Randall Skanchy for taking time out of their weekends to act as our judges for the final round of the competition.