College of Law, along with University of Utah, supports #Academics4BlackLives

The University of Utah is proud to join Academics for Black Survival and Wellness Week‚ a “weeklong personal and professional development initiative for academics to honor the toll of racial trauma on Black people, resist anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and facilitate accountability and collective action.”

U leaders acknowledge the deep anger and hurt many students, staff and faculty are experiencing in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many other victims of systemic oppression and violence. They are committed to addressing the pervasive racism and doing their part to support state leaders in shaping criminal justice reform and promoting social justice and equity.

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness is a call to action. It invites all academics to join in a collective effort to enhance the safety and wellness of black students, staff, faculty and community members. Non-black academics are encouraged to engage in training on anti-black racism and white supremacy while black academics engage in rest and resistance.

Beginning on Juneteenth—celebrated June 19, 2020, through Thursday, June 25, 2020—trainings will include readings, lectures, personal reflections and group dialogue with academics around the world. Participants are invited to share their experiences and invite colleagues to join using #Academics4BlackLives.

Follow Academics for Black Lives on Twitter and Instagram to learn more and visit their website to register for trainings.

The S.J. Quinney College of Law joins the U campus in supporting this important initiative. Representatives for faculty, staff and students are currently working on a list of calls to action as part of the event, said Elizabeth Kronk Warner, dean of the law school.