Class of 2016 sets record for hours of public service and experiential learning

The S.J. Quinney College of Law class of 2016 set a new record for per-capita public service and experiential learning, averaging 122 hours per student, per year. The class earned a total of 44,809 hours of learning-service including Clinical and Pro Bono work over their 1L-3L years. High levels of student participation are a key driver of the College of Law’s rank as one of the top law schools for practical training.

Listen to Dean Bob Adler’s comments about student service at commencement »

Student service highlights

Clinical placement hours:

2016:  309 hours/graduating student
2015:  293 hours/graduating student
2014:  301 hours/graduating student
2013:  282 hours/graduating student
2012:  273 hours/graduating student
2011:  273 hours/graduating student
90% of class of 2016 students participated in at least one of the 14 types of clinics


Service-learning hours through the Pro Bono Initiative:

  • 436 project placements were filled through the Pro Bono Initiative during the academic year.
  • Total volunteer hours (1L, 2L & 3L) for the academic year:  4,176.75
  • Law students served 1,998 clients through our various nine PBI Brief Advice Legal Clinics in 2015.
  • PBI had four law student fellows working in the office during the year.