Chiang Featured on KSL TV News Story

Emily Chiang, a visiting assistant professor of law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law and the director of the College’s Civil Rights Clinic, was recently quoted on KSL TV.

The story concerned the recent anonymous release of a list containing the names of 1300 purported undocumented workers.  That list contained 34 Social Security numbers, most of which were invalid.

In response to calls for an investigation into the possibly fraudulent Social Security numbers, Chiang argued that use of the information would be unconstitutional: “It’s well settled under the Constitution that the government can’t violate people’s rights, obtain information and then use that information against them to prosecute them. I think any good criminal defense attorney would say that information should be suppressed. It’s the fruit of a poisonous tree,” Chiang said.

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