Beekhuizen, College of Law Receive Patriot Award for Support of Military Personnel

The National Committee for Employee Support of the National Guard and Reserve (ESGR) recently presented a Patriot Award to Mark Beekhuizen, Director of Information Technology.  Beekhuizen accepted the award on behalf of the College of Law for its continued support of National Guard members and their families. Beekhuizen was nominated for this award by one of the College’s staff members, Oliver Tsuya, who is an active member of the Army National Guard.  Over the past few years, Sgt. Tsuya required time away from his job on the College’s technology services team in order to fulfill his military obligation.  Beekhuizen worked to insure that Sgt. Tsuya’s IT duties were appropriately dispersed and that his position would be available upon his return.

“It really wasn’t a difficult situation to connect with,” Beekhuizen said about supporting Sgt. Tsuya’s leave requests.  “I simply think back to my own military experience and, more recently, to that of my eldest son who is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force.”  When asked about the burden placed upon the team Mark replied, “That’s where the real support came in.  With other team members, especially John Piele, picking up the vacated hours, the technology support staff was still able to meet the College’s technology needs.”

Beekhuizen also pointed out that, at any given time, the members of the National Guard and Reserve make up over 45% of active duty US military personnel deployed throughout the world.  Employer support is a critical component for the men and women of the Guard and Reserve.