ABA Journal Article Examines Targeted Killing, Highlights Guiora Scholarship

The scholarship of Amos Guiora, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law and a retired officer in the Israel Defense Forces, is featured prominently in a new ABA Journal article, “Uneasy Targets: Justifying the Killing of Terrorists Has Loomed As a Major Policy Debate.”  

 A major component of the article is the forthcoming ABA book Patriots Debate: Contemporary Issues in National Security Law, to which both Guiora and University of Michigan law professor Monica Hakimi contributed.  Although both scholars agree on the legality of targeted killing, as the article notes, they differ on when to undertake actions of this type.

“It is a privilege to be included in the ABA Journal and to have been invited to contribute to the ABA’s exciting ‘Patriot Debates’ series,” Guiora said. “Both the Journal and the series provide a terrific platform for public discussion of critical contemporary national security issues; given the Obama Administration’s heavy reliance on targeted killing the debate between Professor Hakimi and myself is uniquely timely and relevant to academics, lawyers, decision makers and policy makers.”