2011 Graduates Recognized for Record Pro Bono Service

by JoLynn Spruance

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Class of 2011 volunteered 4,574 hours through the Pro Bono Initiative. In all, 63% of the class participated in one or more pro bono projects during law school. The following 48 members of the class received the Certificate of Service in recognition of volunteering 50 hours or more while in law school, which is a record high. The College of Law congratulates all of the Pro Bono Initiative participants, applauds their willingness to volunteer while in law school, and hopes they will continue to offer their time and legal expertise to assist those in need.

1.      Ammon Nelson
2.      Amy Nichole Fowler
3.      Ariel Calmes
4.      Ashley M. Gregson
5.      Beth Ellen Kennedy
6.      Betsy Tyler Voter
7.      Blakely J. Denny
8.      Brian Dale Radovich
9.      Brian K. Tanner
10.    Christine Noel Stosich
11.    Christopher A. Lund
12.    Christopher King Hallstrom
13.    Clifford David Gravett
14.    David Kuiokalani Ahuna
15.    David McLarin Everitt
16.    Deborah Bulkeley
17.    Edwin R. Ashton
18.    Elizabeth Butler
19.    Erin E. Byington
20.    Gabriella Leigh Archuleta
21.    Harini Venkatesan
22.    Ian Anthony Atzet
23.    James P. White
24.    Jamie Carpenter
25.    Jeffry K. Ross
26.    Jordan M. Putnam
27.    Josiah Taylor Griffin
28.    Justin Bryon Yeargin
29.    Kaye Lynn
30.    Kimberly M. Herrera
31.    Kingston W. White
32.    Laura H. Tanner
33.    Laura Ladd Dodge
34.    Lucy R. Juarez
35.    Mark Bailey Thornton
36.    Mark O. Jarvis
37.    Marlesse Davonna Jones
38.    Matthew D. Messina
39.    Michael Falater
40.    Mohammed Tahir Farukhi
41.    Nicholas Clyde Mills
42.    Osbelia Castillo
43.    Paul Steven Fuller
44.    Robert T. Denny
45.    Sarah R. Nelson
46.    Scott Vaughn Walsh
47.    Tara Merrill
48.    Tony F. Graf, Jr.