Utah Law faculty updates: June 2024

Jul 03, 2024 | Faculty

Each month, we share notable updates—including presentations, publications, panels, and other accomplishments—from Utah Law faculty members.

Associate Professor Daniel Aaron, a young man with olive skin and dark brown hair and a beard wearing a navy blazer and navy and fuchsia floral shirtAssociate Professor Daniel Aaron

Professor Paul Cassell, a middle-aged white man with red hair wearing a black suit coat and blue collared shirtProfessor Paul Cassell

  • Presentations
    • “Enforcing Crime Victims’ Rights,” Law and Society Annual Convention, Denver, CO (Jun. 2024).
  • Media appearances
    • Quoted in The Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Hill, MSN, Fortune, ABC, NBC, BBC, and other media about the Department of Justice imposing a $24 billion fine on Boeing for the 737 MAX crashes.

Professor Jorge Contreras, a Hispanic man with short black hair and glassesProfessor Jorge Contreras

Suzanne Darais, a middle-aged white woman with short honey-brown hairJames E. Faust Library Director Suzanne Darais

  • Presentations
    • “Formative Assessment Hacks to Save Your Sanity,” Teaching the Teachers Conference for Law Librarians, Philadelphia, PA (May 2024).


Professor Amos Guiora, a white man with grey hair wearing round-rimmed glasses and a blue-and-white-striped button-up and navy blazer

Professor Amos Guiora

Robert Harrison, an older white man with white hair wearing a black blazer and blue- and green-striped tieAdjunct Associate Professor Robert Harrison

  • Presentations
    • “Not Improved Enough: The Revised Common Rule and Reliance on Legally Authorized Representatives in Research Consent,” American Society of Law Medicine and Ethics Annual Health Law Professors Conference, Boston, MA (Jun. 2024).