Utah Law announces unprecedented scholarship-matching campaign

Nov 28, 2023 | Students

Red banner that says "U Law Scholarship Match Campaign Launch"The S.J. Quinney College of Law is thrilled to announce the launch of an unprecedented scholarship campaign to celebrate our highest rankings ever and help us welcome more of the best students regardless of their financial status. The goal: Raise $7 million in scholarship support in the next five years.

This aim is well within reach thanks to the help of a generous match from University of Utah President Taylor Randall and a triple-matching incentive from Utah Law’s dedicated Board of Trustees.

“I am very proud of the S.J. Quinney College of Law, the state’s only public law school, for receiving its highest national ranking ever,” says University of Utah President Taylor Randall. “My office is committing $3.5 million to celebrate the college’s success and to encourage our alums and donors to support the law school’s scholarship-matching campaign and our incredible students. I look forward to seeing the impact this campaign has on current and future students and the communities they serve.”

Providing substantial scholarships immediately impacts the lives of our law students, but those benefits also extend to the community and the field of law. As dean of the S.J. Quinney College of Law, Elizabeth Kronk Warner began her tenure in 2019 with the goal of creating a community where those who have the capacity to be successful in the legal profession have the opportunity to do so.

“Scholarships enable us to attract and retain excellent students regardless of their financial situation, so raising funds for scholarship support has been central to my vision,” says Dean Kronk Warner. “Competitive funding ensures we have a pool of robust, diverse and dynamic legal experts entering the profession and our communities. It also allows our students to make career decisions that afford them the greatest satisfaction and fulfill their desires to contribute to their communities.”

The College of Law’s prestigious Board of Trustees, committed to forging a lifelong relationship between the college and its alumni, generously established the Trustees’ Triple Match to triple the first $60,000 raised for the scholarship campaign launch. Every dollar donated for scholarship funds up to $60,000 was doubled by the President’s Match and tripled by the Trustees’ Triple Match, turning $60,000 into $180,000.

“My time at SJQ was invaluable to me as it not only developed my thinking and writing skills but also the way I saw myself as a student. These building blocks have served me well despite not practicing law for most of my career and I remain profoundly grateful,“ reflects Jessica Lowrey, member of the Board of Trustees and former director of research at Veris Wealth Partners. “I support scholarships so that others may have the opportunity to engage with the outstanding faculty in the intimate environment that SJQ provides. I believe the students, their communities and society at large, will be better for it.”

When Lexie Kite, the college’s senior director of development, joined the College of Law last year, she said she was warned that attorneys are known to be some of the least philanthropic of all professions.

“I’m so glad to say our alumni and friends of Utah Law have proved that statistic wrong,” she says. “In the last year, more of our alums and friends made a gift to the College of Law than at any point in the last decade. As we launch this scholarship campaign, I am so excited to see our supporters show up in even greater numbers to rally around our students and prove that attorneys in Utah are, in fact, deeply philanthropic and committed to giving back.”

The S.J. Quinney College of Law invites all alumni and supporters of the college to make a gift to support the Utah Law Scholarship Match Campaign on our campaign page, our named scholarships listed online, or via check, phone, a gift of securities, and more giving options. Please contact Lexie Kite, senior director of development, with any questions.

Join us for this incredible opportunity to raise $7 million in scholarships, with every penny of your gift going directly to our students.