New High Tech Scanner in Library

The library has a new “KIC” (Knowledge Imaging Center) scanner located near the photocopier outside the computer lab.  With the new scanner users can create keyword searchable PDFs which can be saved to a flash drive or sent as an email attachment.  The face-up scanning capability enables users to capture multiple pages quickly – books no longer need to be flipped over to turn the page and then flipped back over for each scan or copy.  The scanner can scan book pages without laying the book flat, thus saving the spines of fragile books and it also produces either color or black & white images.  Users can scan two pages of a book and the scanner will analyze the single image, and automatically split the image into two separate images.  In addition, the black edges are automatically removed and the content straightened, producing clean, professional looking images.  We hope you find this scanner useful–please come try it out.