Mock Interviews: Signups Start Over the Break!

One of the most popular PDO events every year is the Mock Interview program. The following article addresses the  format for mock interviews, which include résumé and cover letter reviews by the interviewing attorney.  Last year there were over 100 mock interviews, and some students did two interviews.  

Mock interviews will be held the evenings of Tuesday, January 17 through Thursday. January 19, between 5:15 and 7:30 pm.  We expect to have over 42 attorneys volunteer their time over the three nights to conduct individual student interviews.  A final list will be emailed to you over Winter Break, and you can start signing up after that.  The interviews are 30 minutes long and are typically held either in a staff/faculty office or a library interview room.  Approximately 20 minutes will be used for the mock interview, and the last 10 minutes will be devoted to attorney feedback on your résumé, cover letter, and interview skills.  In order to make the “interview” as realistic as possible, please research the attorney(s) with whom you will interview as if they were potential employers and come dressed as if you were going to a real interview, prepared with questions to ask.  In the past, students have found mock interviews a great way to get over interview jitters, receive valuable feedback on what employers are looking for in a résumé and cover letter, and build their network.

Here is what some current 2L’s said about their mock interview experience last year:

“I just wanted to say thanks for putting on the mock interviews. They were probably the most useful exercise we have had for professional development thus far. I am just kicking myself for not having signed up for more than one interview. I got pointed feedback that I can put directly into my resume, cover letters, and overall interview strategy.”

“I had the opportunity to take part in 2 mock interviews. Each of them were obviously different, but they were one of the best things I have done in my 1L year. Not only did I get the chance to practice my interviewing skills, but more importantly I got feedback from both interviewers on what I did well and what I need to work on. That feedback was priceless and will definitely help me future as I interview for jobs and prepare my resume and cover letter. The interviews were a great learning opportunity that should not be passed up. It is not very often that you can get one on one opportunity with an attorney and they truly are there to help you prepare for when it counts out in the job search.  I would highly recommend any law student to take advantage of this opportunity, they won’t regret it!”

Signups will begin over Winter Break—via phone call to 801.581.7767 or in person.  1L’s will begin signing up on Tuesday, January 3rd until the noon on the 9th.  The sign-ups will then open to 2L’s & 3L’s, as well as anyone who would like to do more than one interview.  You will sign up by dropping by PDO or by calling Chanel Stewart in our office to request a time—(801) 581-7767.  While you may leave a voice mail for her, please do not email your requests for this particular event.  Before you sign up, YOU MUST have your résumé uploaded into Symplicity.  If this is something you have put off, please get it done.  PDO will verify this, and if it isn’t there, you will lose your spot. After that, you will need to prepare a cover letter addressed to your interviewer—as if you were applying to work at their place of business.  This is also required, but not until 5:00 pm on January 11th.  Those of you who do not submit your documents by that time will stand out and risk having the interviewer know that you didn’t follow directions. Watch your email for more information.