Mock Interviews: Recap and Feedback

Last week, S.J. Quinney students from all classes participated in nearly 150 mock interviews with practicing attorneys as part of the Young Alumni Association/PDO’s Mock Interview program.  PDO was incredibly impressed with the students who participated.  You did great.  Here is some of the feedback we received from participating attorneys and students.

Feedback from Attorneys

Like PDO, the attorneys were so impressed with the students.  Overall, they appreciated the efforts you had put into the cover letters and resumes, your professional demeanor, and your bravery in simply signing up to do to the interview.  Several attorneys came back to the PDO office to let Anneliese know that plan to stay in contact with the students they interviewed, and that they hope to see students apply to their offices.  They already know your names!

Here are some of the very few things they indicated our students could work on for future job searches:

  • Make sure your resume and cover letters don’t have typos.  Give them to 2 other people to skim to make sure that they don’t.  These can be killers.
  • Do a little homework on the office or interviewer.  On a basic level, know generally what area of law they do—so that you are not asking them in the interview they very basic question of “What do you do?”
  • Be positive when asked about your past experience and your abilities, rather than dismissive or overly deprecating.  The interviewer knows you are a 1L, 2L or 3L.  They know how little you do or don’t know, or how little experience you might have.  Still, they are interviewing you—give them something to tell the others back at the office when they are asked, “So, why should we hire them?”

Feedback from Students

  •  I had a GREAT experience with mock interviews.  Both attorneys who interviewed me were great.  They offered useful feedback on my resume, cover letter and interview.  The experience was great for me because it helped me realize that hiring attorneys are normal people.  It helped me relax and realize that if I just come prepared and act like myself during any upcoming interviews I will be able to find a great fit for me.
  • Both mock interviews were really helpful and enjoyable.  I’m going out to lunch with [one interviewer] in a couple weeks and [the other] offered to look over any revisions of my resume that I want to send him.  Thanks for setting those up.
  •  All in all mock interviews were one of the most valuable career development experiences I’ve had because I learned things I never would have ever known or learned otherwise.  I’m scared to think what could have happened without mock interviews.  Most likely I would have interviewed in a few places, never have gotten the job, and never known why.  So thanks for organizing it and putting it on.  I pity the fool who didn’t do it.
  •  The interview was great.  She was very helpful in terms of applying for both firm jobs and the job at in government. She gave very good advice. Hopefully I can use it and get a job!
  •  The interview was outstanding.  He practices the type of law I am interested in.  I think he forgot we were interviewing and we just talked about ideas, the career, priorities, etc.  Best of all, he enjoys what he does and it came through with him having to say it.  He is a great person and I will try to keep in touch with him over the next couple of years.