Mid-OCI Report

Callbacks have begun.  If you get a callback, let PDO know.  We try to track which firms have made callbacks.  We may also have tips for you, or people for you to contact who have gone to callbacks at the same place in past seasons.  In turn, your letting us know helps us to know who is going to which firms from your class, so you might be able to help others in the future.  

Most interviewers continue to tell us how incredibly difficult their decisions are.  Across the board, you have been an amazingly impressive group of interviewees!  Keep it up!

One bit of advice: don’t be overly negative about prior experiences—including places you have worked, interviewed, or lived.  This is not to say you cannot express preferences to have been somewhere else, or even that you cannot say you did not like something.  But be cautious about being dismissive or rude.  For example, a big firm interviewer might actually hail from and love the small town whose residents you are mocking.  Likewise, it is dangerous to criticize or join in criticism of another legal employer.  When all is said and done, the employer may well wonder if you will be happy with them, or if you will simply find things to criticize. If you didn’t love an experience you had, attempt to state in a positive manner what you are seeking and why.