Looking for Jobs out of State—Make a Reciprocity Request!

Just a reminder to those of you looking for jobs out of state—you can look at the job boards of other law schools by making a “reciprocity” request.  We have open “one to one” requests from George Washington and Catholic University!  This means that only one of our students can view this school’s job board.  Contact Chanel if you want to be that student!  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

 The following is a current list of open reciprocity requests from other schools to us:

Creighton University

The Catholic University of America*

George Washington*

New York Law School

Boston University

Mississippi College

Marquette University

The University of the Pacific

George Mason

Washington University in St. Luis

Boston College

Florida Costal

University of Illinois

University of Montana

Gonzaga University

Willamette University

Lewis and Clark

 Seattle University

*On-to-one requests.