Services for Law Students

Course Reserves

Materials placed on course reserve by professors for the current semester are available for two hour checkout at the service desk on level one.

Besides the Basic and Advanced Legal Research classes offered as part of the law school curriculum, other subject specific courses may be offered in different semesters.  One to two hour classes are offered periodically throughout the year on various topics such as Prepare to Practice, How to Bluebook, Databases Beyond Lexis and Westlaw, and How to Do Environmental Research.


Lockers are located throughout the building for the exclusive use of law students.  Students must bring their own lock and can sign up for a locker using the online Locker Reservations tool.



Reference service is available to assist with questions about the collection, to help find specific legal materials, or to set up a research strategy. The reference librarians cannot give legal advice or interpretations of the law; please consult an attorney who is engaged in the practice of law for such help. Much legal research can be done by using computer services. Reference librarians are available to give help and instruction in their use. Help is also available for areas requiring extra research skill such as legislative histories, administrative law, and international law.  To contact the reference desk, call 801-581-6184, email, or use the Chat feature on the library main page.


Photocopiers for students are located on each floor and costs 10¢/pg.  There is a five minute limit of using the photocopier when others are waiting. A reader-printer for copying microforms is available on the counter across from the compact shelving on level one.

The library has 2 “KIC” (Knowledge Imaging Center) scanners – one is located near the compact shelving on level one and the other is located on level five. With these high tech scanners, users can create keyword searchable PDFs which can be saved to a flash drive or sent as an email attachment.  The face-up scanning capability enables users to capture multiple pages quickly – books no longer need to be flipped over to turn the page and then flipped back over for each scan or copy.  The scanner can scan book pages without laying the book flat, thus saving the spines of fragile books and it also produces either color or black & white images.  There is a fifteen minute limit on using the scanner when others are waiting.

Law students are able to print to network printers located throughout the building.  Printing is 10¢/pg and money may be added to a student’s account using the campus UCard system.

Study Rooms

Study rooms can be reserved by law students and/or members of the law school community through the online Study Room Scheduler. A group must delegate one of its members to be responsible for reserving the room and may sign up for no more than two hours at a time.