Faculty Liaison Program

Faculty members are invited to contact their liaisons for all of their library needs. Library Liaisons for each faculty member are listed below. Quinney Fellows should also feel free to contact liaisons for assistance and guidance with faculty research. If a liaison cannot be reached and immediate assistance is required, faculty members are asked to call the Reference Desk at (801) 581-6184 or the service desks at (801) 581-6438, or to email reference@law.utah.edu.  Please direct any questions about the program to Suzanne Darais at (801) 585-3074.

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Alicia Brillon Suzanne
Ross McPhail Valeri Craigle
Dryer Carpenter Andersen Anderson Cassell
Heiny Chenyang Culver Anghie Guiora
Hill Keiter Francis Baughman  
Kim Kronk Warner George Brown  
Koningisor McLaughlin Iuliano Contreras  
Ruple Peterson Jones Nagra  
Schwartz Rumore Kessler    
Skibine   Rosky    

*Updated March 2022.