Copywork Project Registration Form

Each copywork project must have a copy of this form accompany it and an appropriate colored “copywork” card placed in each book. A circulation attendant will make copies and place the card(s) for you. All law library items used for your project must be charged to said project.


(Utah Law Review or OnLaw)

*Consulting Reference Librarian

(A librarian will be assigned by Linda Stephenson, Head of Information Access)

*Title, Subject, or Author

Number of Footnotes

*Supervising Editor

*Quinney Library Book Puller(s)

Quinney Library Book Re-shelver(s)

*Interlibrary Loan Contact

Marriott Library Book Puller(s)

Other Copywork Staff Not Listed Above

Project Start Date

Project End Date

(If your project is going to run over this date, please ask someone at the circulation desk to renew your library items)

Please call us at (801) 581-6438 if you have any questions or require assistance.