Library Copywork – Step 3

Getting Items from Campus Libraries

  • Search the library catalog to locate items on your pull list. The person designated as the Marriott Library (or Eccles, if appropriate) book puller can go to that library to check out books or request from the catalog. If requesting through the catalog, please type in the box next to the faculty delivery section, “deliver to law library”. Deliveries are made once daily in the afternoon Monday-Friday.
  • Note that books checked out from Marriott or Eccles will be in that person’s name (the assigned book puller) and must be returned by the due date or fines will be incurred by that individual. (Note: if an item you have checked out from the Marriott Library has been recalled by another patron, you MUST RETURN IT within the stated time frame!)
  • There are many items that you may not be able to find in our library but do not require an Interlibrary Loan request. Countless resources are available online and at the Marriott and Eccles libraries on campus. The Marriott Library subscribes to thousands of journal titles electronically and these are available via the Marriott web page.
  • Feel free to contact your Consulting Reference Librarian if you have questions when tracking down items online or in the library. They will be happy to help you.
  • Items borrowed from other libraries are often time sensitive materials with set due dates. We have no control over the due dates of other lending libraries, including Marriott and Eccles libraries. Persons responsible for these materials must renew and return these items in a timely manner. If you need to photocopy or scan a borrowed item so you may return it on-time, Copy/Scan Codes are available to all copyworkers (at the information desk) to prevent fines from accruing on time-sensitive materials.