Library Facilities


A reader-printer for copying microforms is available in the area near the compact shelving on the first floor.

The library has three“KIC” (Knowledge Imaging Center) scanners – one is located near the compact shelving on level one; the others are located on levels four and five.  With these high tech scanners, users can create keyword searchable PDFs which can be saved to a flash drive or sent as an email attachment.  The face-up scanning capability enables users to capture multiple pages quickly – books no longer need to be flipped over to turn the page and then flipped back over for each scan or copy.  The scanner can scan book pages without laying the book flat, thus saving the spines of fragile books and it also produces either color or black & white images.  There is a fifteen minute limit on using the scanner when others are waiting.

Law students are able to print to network printers located throughout the building.  Printing is 10¢/pg and money may be added to a student’s account via the campus UCard system.  For public patrons:  We do not offer printing services to the public.  You should plan on bringing a flash drive with you or email documents to yourself.

There is no public photocopier.

Other Amenities

Access for the Disabled:
The building’s award-winning advanced features exceed ADA requirements.  There is an accessibility pathway from the corner of University Street and South Campus Drive to the east side of the site.  Automatic doors from the parking lot on the east side of the building provide access to the building.  There are three elevators, one of which has doors on opposite sides of the cab to optimize in-and-out wheelchair access.  Please report any malfunction of any of these doors to personnel at one of the service desks.  Patrons needing special accommodations should call the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action in advance at (801) 581-8365 to make appropriate arrangements.  They are open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.

Facilities Issues: If you see library facility issues in need of attention,  please report to one of our service desks.

Fountains: Refrigerated drinking fountains and water bottle filling stations are located on each floor near the restrooms.

Restrooms: Women’s and men’s restrooms are located off the hallway near the elevators on each floor.

Lockers: Lockers are located throughout the building for the exclusive use of law students. Students must bring their own lock and can sign up for a locker using the online Locker Reservations tool.

Rare Book Room

Our new facility has a rare book room.  Patrons needing access to items in the rare book room should ask for assistance at one of the service desks.  We recommend that patrons needing access to the rare book room make an appointment in advance by contacting Dan Burn.


An alarm will sound in case of fire. Do not assume that the signal is a test if it goes off. Everyone must exit the building quickly and in an orderly manner. Emergency exits are located throughout the building. Exiting through these doors will cause an alarm to sound. Please become familiar with the locations of exits and fire extinguishers.

Be careful when using the staircases. Avoid running on the stairs and do not slide down any banisters.

Use care near the railings around the atrium, and do not throw or drop any objects into the atrium.

Please don’t leave your property unattended–thefts have occurred in the library.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are for the exclusive use of members of the law school community.