Interviewing Etiquette: Thank You Letters

Thank you letters should be written (or emailed) to all employers with whom you have had contact, especially during OCI. They should be written and mailed or emailed within 24 hours of your interview. Sending a thank you letter indicates to the employer that you are interested in their organization, and they may help influence the employer’s continued interest in you during their screening process. Sending a thank you letter or email is also a way of maintaining contact with the interviewer following the interview—even if you don’t get the job!

A few guidelines:

  • Make every effort not wait longer than 48 hours to send a thank you letter.
  • If it seems logical, you may send one thank you letter or email to your contact at an employer after interviewing with several members of the organization during OCI.
  • In general, use formal titles to address the interviewers (Mr. or Ms.).
  • Personalize it by including one or two details by mentioning what you learned about the interviewer or employer during the interview.
  • Proofread your thank you notes carefully!

If you need assistance with your thank you letter(s), stop by PDO or email Jess, Jaclyn or Megan. We’re here to help!