How I Got My Job-Ryan Farnsworth (SJQ 2011)

In this How I Got My Job feature, PDO continues its focus on recent grads and alums who sought and landed jobs in smaller towns.

Ryan Farnsworth (SJQ 2011)


1.  What did you do before law school and why did you decide to go to law school?

I managed real estate for an insurance company. I decided to go to law school for upward mobility, and because I wanted to work for myself in more interesting fields.

2.  What kinds of things did you do during law school? 

I completed LOTS of clinical hours, (Criminal, Judicial, Civil), and participated in the Mediation Competition.

3.  Where are you working and what are you doing?

Smith, Driscoll & Associates in Idaho Falls, ID.  Currently I am doing research and writing–lots of it.

4.  When and how did you first make contact with your current employer, what was the interview process like, and what do you think helped you land the job?

Ifirst spoke with one partner at the firm who knew a family member professionally about two months before they had a job opening.  I just let him know I was looking for a job in the region.  Two months later, his firm had an opening, he asked me to apply.  I interviewed with my friend’s partner via Skype and was offered the job at the end of the interview.

5.  What do you like about living in Idaho Falls?

I have family nearby, and it has a good culture for family, cheap real estate, and cool summers.

6.  What kinds of things do you think helped push you to job seek outside of Salt Lake?

I love Salt Lake and was looking for jobs there as well, but I wanted to cast a wider net.  A smaller place was desirable, but there are simply fewer jobs in smaller places, so I thought it was a long shot.

7.  What tips do you have for students who are job seeking?

Network with every attorney known by a friend or family member.  Just ask that they let you know if they hear of any job openings.  They’ll remember you when a peer tells them they’re going to be hiring.  Also, if you want to work somewhere small, apply for every legal job in the geographical market where you would like to work. When you interview, they will want to know that you are serious about living in the area, and a good way to show that is to tell them other jobs you’ve interviewed for in the area.  I interviewed for three jobs in Idaho and applied for countless more.