How I Got My Job: Breanne Miller (SJQ 2010), Salt Lake City Prosecutor


1.    Where will you be working and what are you doing? I’m working at the Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office as an Associate City Prosecutor. I represent the City at the Salt Lake Justice Court in criminal cases.

2.    When and how did you first make contact with your employer? I initially worked with the office as an intern through the criminal clinic in my 3L year.  I later submitted an application through the City’s online application system.

3.    How did you get the job? After graduating, I worked for a small criminal defense firm for while waiting to get bar results and to get sworn into the bar.  I then did some contract work for solo practitioners and at the U in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.  It took me nearly a year after graduating to get the job I’d wanted I submitted an application through the City’s online application system.  I also followed up by mailing a cover letter and resume to the City Prosecutor.  I completed two interviews and was then given an offer of employment.

4.    What kinds of things do you think helped you land you job?  Experience in law school, something else?  I believe that that interning through the criminal clinic played a substantial part in allowing me to get the job.  As an intern, I was able to learn from the prosecutors and make an impression that you cannot provide through the normal application process.  As well, I believe I demonstrated a commitment to criminal law and public work through my law school activities and during my interview.

5.    What tips do you have for students who are job seeking? I would recommend that you take the opportunities during law school to meet and work with lawyers in your field.  I would also be sure to lay a large net by letting everyone and anyone know what work you are looking for. I received many job postings from friends and colleagues that I think others in my class did not receive.  I would also regularly monitor the city and county job boards as they update quickly and the application periods are often short.