Firm Crawl Round-Up

Over 100 1L’s and transfer students attended the Firm Crawl last Thursday afternoon!  So far, the feedback PDO has received from attorneys at the participating law firms has been very positive, including: 

“We were glad to host the students…looks like this could be a great class.” 

“It was our pleasure to host the 1Ls on the Fall Crawl!  It looks like this year you have, yet again, a great class of students.  This event always gets me excited for recruiting in the spring.”

PDO appreciates your professionalism and invites your feedback as well!  Let us know if you enjoyed the Crawl, have suggestions for us, or have concerns about anything that transpired.   A few thoughts from PDO follow: 

  • Remember that the Firm Crawl was explicitly not a recruiting event.  The participating attorneys were reminded of this fact prior to it.   
  • Some of you may have enjoyed hearing the wisdom of the participating attorneys on succeeding in law school, grades, and other topics.  Please consider any advice you received in light of other advice from professors, law school administrators, teaching assistants and other mentors. 
  • Reflect on what you saw and learned from the Crawl.  Consider whether it confirmed or changed any preconceptions about working in a large law firm!  The fact is, most of you will work for non-large law firm employers, including small firms, government agencies, public interest organizations, or private businesses.  So, be sure to take advantage of other upcoming PDO/student organization-sponsored programs which offer views of different practice areas.