Featured Job: Law Clerk for Eisenberg and Gilchrist

If you are a 2L or 3L, you may view job posting #284 in Symplicity, which advertises the following law clerk position for Eisenberg and Gilchrist:

“Practice focuses on catastrophic personal injury litigation.  Duties include researching complex litigation issues and writing research and court memoranda.  20 hours per week during the school year and full time during the summer.  Ideal candidate will have some experience in personal injury or civil litigation and good work ethic.”

PDO typically posts jobs within 24 hours of their submission to our job board, and it pays to check the job board frequently so that you are aware of new postings.  Quite often a job fills much sooner than the ending date of the application period.  For example, the job we had originally chosen to feature in this article listed a application period ending December 15, but it had already filled before this Career Brief was published.  If you are interested in a job, apply early!